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In Praise of Lime Square Poets

Perhaps it might appear like any large Zoom meeting: a gallery of faces, listening, nodding, looking down at a keyboard, or gazing offscreen, in thought. But this is not your average meeting. Every Thursday, starting at 19:45 GMT (2:45 PM in the afternoon here for me on the East Coast of the US), Lime Square Poets is a warm and wonderful gift in my life. For about 75 minutes, I know I will be nourished and lifted and connected through the magic of poetic community.

The hosts from Ireland, Lauren Cavanagh and D'or Seifer, extend a warm welcome each week to a diverse and talented group of poets, many of whom return every Thursday for the vibrant programs. A featured reader begins with fifteen minutes of poetry, and then follows a lively open mic. The chat is always buzzing with admiring comments, echoed lines, and emotional and artistic connections. There is a real sense of community.

There have been so many excellent readers, from week to week. Recently, Catherine Ann Cullen, Poetry Ireland's inaugural Poet in Residence ( visit her website here ) mesmerized us with her gorgeous, evocative work. She read her poem, "The Other Now," for example, one of my personal favorites. (You can read the whole poem here on the Dedalus Press site.) As she read, she "flung a net of words over" us, to borrow a phrase from the poem, enchanting us with her deft language and vivid imagery.

Member poets are often asked to be featured readers. Matt Mooney (visit him here) shared his gentle, lyrical truths in his honest, engaging style. Sinead McClure (visit her here) swept us away with her deeply sensitive and beautiful poems. Morag Anderson (visit her publisher's page here) pulled us into her rich, often wrenching, tightly packed poems. So many fabulous readers, week after week, inspire us and teach us. Thank you to ALL of you.

Several online poetry communities have nourished and inspired me throughout the pandemic. My own dear Cultivating Voices LIVE Poetry has become part of the weft and weave of my writing life. But I wanted to take some time here to say THANK YOU to Lime Square Poets, to Lauren, D'Or, and to all the member poets. I learn so much from you each week. I feast on the wonderful poetic voices that are lifted each week. I am so excited by the new website and the work you are publishing there. I take heart from the kind, friendly, and encouraging community, in this world, that can be so disheartening, so often, in so many ways.

Visit the Lime Square Poets website here.

Visit the Lime Square Poets Facebook group here.

And do please come out and join me and these wonderful folks, when I have the honor of being a featured reader myself on Thursday, March 10, 2022:

Links to the event:

All welcome, "one-off joiners as much as long-time regulars," says Lauren. Guests need to register for this FREE event on the website before getting the link in their email.

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